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Thinking Big Podcast

Jan 31, 2021

Sean welcomes Dana Malstaff to the Thinking Big podcast. Dana is the founder of the Boss Mom movement, which includes her Facebook community, courses, a YouTube channel, and the chart-topping podcast “The Boss Mom Podcast”.


Her book, Boss Mom, was published in 2015 and kicked off her business and the Boss Mom movement. Dana has been featured in Fast Company, Amy Porterfield’s podcast, Goal Digger podcast, and more.


One of my biggest takeaways from this episode is how she organically grew her Facebook community to over 50k, and why she runs it the way she does. Her methods are pretty genius.


Today, we are thinking big about our communities, and how we show up.


In this episode, you’ll also hear:

  1. The story behind how Boss Mom began.
  2. How Dana found her tribe to support her while she started her business.
  3. Why women have different motivations for starting a business than men.
  4. What feeling valued can do for your business.
  5. Dana’s email system and why every part of that ecosystem is important to your community.
  6. A breakdown of her Facebook community and how it grew organically.
  7. What Dana doesn’t allow in her Facebook community and why.
  8. Why she encourages questions and how those questions can spin into marketing and ideal clients.
  9. Dana’s affinity for systems and how they help increase productivity and flexibility.
  10. How breaking down an expert system so that people can easily understand it leads to success.
  11. Why familiarity is optimal in most cases. Novelty is less sought after.
  12. Asking questions is growing, and no one is perfect the way they are.
  13. Dana sees perfection as a moving goal, and being messy should be the goal.
  14. About the Nurture to Convert YouTube channel Dana just launched.


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