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Thinking Big Podcast

Aug 8, 2020

Welcome to the Thinking Big Podcast. Today we are talking with Dr Lynette Reed about the Layers of Success for Your team or Organization.

Lynette’s mission is to help people and organizations feel more connected to the world around them and the relationships that are most important to them. 

I remember 25+ years ago when I started managing people, it was definitely a top down management style. 

Lynette understands the modern work world is recreating itself into a place where creativity, teamwork, and human value are being brought to the forefront.  

And that employees are looking for leaders to create an environment that promotes trust, and openness. 

Today we are going to think big into our connections and leadership.

Connect with Dr. Lynette Reed at the following social media link:
Podcast Five Minutes With Dr. Lynette Reed

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