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Thinking Big Podcast

Mar 20, 2023

On this episode of the Thinking Big Podcast, Sean Osborn welcomes Marissa Nehlsen, also known as the Energizer Bunny. Marissa is a money and business strategist who helps people live life rich in five core areas: emotionally, relationally, spiritually, physically, and financially.

Marissa shares her inspiring story of turning $5 into financial freedom, starting with booking appointments for an insurance agent to owning seven multi-million dollar businesses today. Her journey began in a trailer court where she struggled to make ends meet, but she persevered and transformed her life. Marissa's success stems from her ability to identify people's needs and pain points and provide solutions using her expertise.

During the podcast, Marissa and I also discuss the importance of decision-making, mindset, and finding the thing that sets your soul on fire. Marissa emphasizes the value of asking questions, seeking knowledge, and helping others to achieve success.

Marissa is a money and business strategist. Over her 28-year career she has helped thousands of business owners and entrepreneurs worldwide learn the systems, structures, and strategies that teach, not just the "what and why", but the "how to", to minimize their taxes and maximize their profits.

As a money and business strategist, Marissa has been recognized as one of the nations leading experts on building wealth, minimizing taxes, and repositioning profits. She has built multiple multi-million dollar companies for herself and thousands of her clients. As an active philanthropist, when she isn't helping business owners future-proof their businesses around the world, she can be found on her mountain, changing lives in Costa Rica through the Foundation of Latin America.
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Why is understanding your DRIVING FORCE so important to understand?

It is important to understand they are not goals nor merely desires, but profound needs that underlie and motivate every choice, every belief, and every decision we make.

Because they are the driving force behind any person’s behavior, understanding the needs and the vehicles used to meet them, we will have a better understanding of why life is the way it is currently and more importantly, how to facilitate change.

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