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Thinking Big Podcast

Dec 26, 2022

We are doing a best-of episode with three of your favorite episodes for the year.

This year was amazing for us, as we hit a milestone 0f 21,000 downloads and landed on the top 100 Apple Podcasts rankings for entrepreneurs.

We hope you enjoy revisiting these three podcasts that resonated with you this past year — Stories, Marketing Tactics That Work Today, and The Power Of Masterminds—and that they inspired some new ideas for how to take your business or projects further this upcoming year! Thank you so much for being part of our journey this past year; we wouldn't have made it here without you guys! Here's wishing each one of you all the best in 2023! Cheers!

Today, we’re going to be revisiting three topics that resonated with you this past year—Stories, marketing, and the power of masterminds.

So settle in and let’s get started!


First up, One of our most popular podcast episodes "If you can tell a good story, people will pay to hear it" With Guest Kyle Gray

If you’re an entrepreneur you already know or will learn the lesson quickly that people connect with stories, it’s been that way since the beginning of mankind.

And today we have a great guest with us, Kyle Gray from the story engine

Kyle is an entrepreneur, story strategist, and author who helps coaches, startups, and influencers use storytelling to communicate their unique values better and create connection and trust with their audience. 

Kyle helps entrepreneurs use storytelling to attract their ideal audience and inspire them to take massive action.

So today we are thinking big about our stories

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Our other top-ranked episode was all about marketing and how marketing is about opening a relationship and NOT closing the deal with with my friend Duane Zingale

The market is savvy, and people are getting smarter about marketing; which means the old tactics of a shark and the used car salesman won't work anymore.

You can become more in tune with new ways of marketing by being curious or passionate about learning these skills.

In this episode of the show, we talk with Duane about his philosophy that marketing is not about closing the deal, it's about opening a relationship and how we can automate this process. He believes that the art of marketing should always be framed in terms of relationships rather than transactions. We explore how to build trust through transparency and authenticity as well as how to use storytelling to create an emotional connection between your brand and your customers. This episode will give you practical strategies to help you manage your brand and humanize your business.

You will learn a lot from this episode and how to apply it to your own business, side hustle, and personal life.


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The LISTEN Framework™ is a set of tools to help you communicate with people in a genuine way. The framework will help you speak naturally by connecting with the right audience and creating an authentic connection between them and your brand. Making connections instead of selling or making a sale, will build trust and rapport over time so that potential customers feel more invested

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The Power of Masterminds

Finally, There's a seldom-discussed concept behind the success of every renowned athlete, famous musician, successful entrepreneur, or even business leader I know, and virtually everyone you can think of. 

No, it isn't because they have an outstanding IQ or academic record, the right family name, or good looks.

Here is the secret element - each of these people has surrounded themselves with other successful people, and they have all used the Mastermind Principle.

A mastermind group sounds like something that would be the exclusive realm of super-successful people, but it’s not. It can actually help anyone who wants to make progress in any area of life, from improving your career to growing as a person.

In fact, many people have found out they were using this tool without even realizing it! A mastermind group is simply two or more growth-minded individuals with goals and aspirations, meeting regularly to share information, ideas, and resources for mutual success.


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Why is understanding your DRIVING FORCE so important to understand?

It is important to understand they are not goals nor merely desires, but profound needs that underlie and motivate every choice, every belief, and every decision we make.

Because they are the driving force behind any person’s behavior, understanding the needs and the vehicles used to meet them, we will have a better understanding of why life is the way it is currently and more importantly, how to facilitate change.

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