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Thinking Big Podcast

Jul 25, 2022

This week we get to talk with Michael Boly about the mindset of the Gen Z and how it is different than my generation “Gen X”. 

Michael is a podcaster, entrepreneur, and mindset enthusiast, passionate about expanding his capacity to enjoy life, and helping others do the same. At age 22, Michael’s belief in the power of perception has helped him generate over 200K in sales across his ventures (while in college!). 

Now he focuses on helping Gen Z create the life they truly desire through his podcast called The Wealth Mindset Show.

My biggest takeaways from our talk are:

  • Gen Zs are used to being judged and criticized online, which contributes to their scarcity mindset.
  • One piece of advice for people outside of Gen Z is to understand that they’re coming from a place where they’re constantly being judged by others.
  • The Importance of Work-life balance to Gen Zs

So today we are thinking big about our success mindsets

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