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Thinking Big Podcast

Jun 20, 2020

Welcome to this weeks episode of the Thinking Big Podcast - Overcoming unthinkable odds with nothing but your mind.

And today we are going to do some adulting, I'm going to put my big boy pants and we’re going to discuss some unbelievable topics, from surviving trafficking, Prostitution, childhood abuse, religious...

Jun 10, 2020

Today we’re talking about Mastering Financial Emotional Intelligence with Shaun Grant

Shaun is a dynamic writer, entreperformer, who possesses an enormous passion for helping others discover their potential with money and prosperity.

He is the creator of the podcast The Money Cure and the author of Prosperity Secrets:...

Jun 2, 2020

Today is part 2 on what happens when you cross quantum and spiritual physics with Cheryl Page.


Cheryl went from left-brained scientist to psychic medium within 6 months of her boyfriend's death. Prior to this she wasn't inclined towards conversations about 'the Spirit World', but she knew he could not have...