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Thinking Big Podcast

Jun 20, 2020

Welcome to this weeks episode of the Thinking Big Podcast - Overcoming unthinkable odds with nothing but your mind.

And today we are going to do some adulting, I'm going to put my big boy pants and we’re going to discuss some unbelievable topics, from surviving trafficking, Prostitution, childhood abuse, religious cults and finding out what really is the best thing Jes learned from her pimp. (yep, and it’s not what I expected)

Jes and Reid are Trauma Breakthrough & Relationship Coaches. They've spent almost 20 years helping people come alive with joy! Because their personal stories give them unique perspectives on life, joy, happiness, and success.

They are an unstoppable Super Powered Couple that have been married for 16 years and have 5 children, all while helping people world-wide breakthrough their trauma and hindering beliefs.

Today we’re thinking big into Overcoming Unthinkable Odds with Jes and Reid Richardson

Connect with Jes and Reid at the following social media link:

Jes’s book: Everything I know I learned from my Pimp

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Until next week, remember to always be Thinking Big.

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