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Thinking Big Podcast

Jul 25, 2020

Today we are talking with Tugce Ozdeger about Heart Centric Tech

I love it when people bring their passion into their careers. When they see something and use their imagination so they can help others, and grow themself.

Tugce is an experienced Software Engineer working in the banking and defense industries, she is now known for shifting the mindset of other software engineers and helping them to gain a new perspective in tech.

She holds Master's degree in Computer Science from Uppsala University in Sweden. She graduated from Athlone Institute of Technology and Bilkent University as a honor student in Ireland and Turkey.

I believe that no matter what field you are in, personal development is the key to having a great career

Tugce noticed through her own development the need for mentoring other technology people and started her Heart Centered tech mentoring.

Today we are going to thinking big into the mindset.

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