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Thinking Big Podcast

Feb 14, 2022

The market is savvy, and people are getting smarter about marketing; which means the old tactics of a shark and the used car salesman won't work anymore.

You can become more in tune with new ways of marketing by being curious or passionate about learning these skills.

In this episode of the show, we talk with Duane about his philosophy that marketing is not about closing the deal, it's about opening a relationship and how we can automate this process. He believes that the art of marketing should always be framed in terms of relationships rather than transactions. We explore how to build trust through transparency and authenticity as well as how to use storytelling to create an emotional connection between your brand and your customers. This episode will give you practical strategies to help you manage your brand and humanize your business.

You will learn a lot from this episode and how to apply it to your own business, side hustle, and personal life.

My Biggest Takeaways from Duane on this episode

  • The new approach to marketing - stop thinking of the customer as a transaction, start thinking about them as relationships
  • Be more in tune with your customers and give them what they want and need. Invest time in understanding how they think and what their motives are
  • Learn tips and tricks on how you can move from being just another business trying to sell something to becoming someone who provides advocacy for people through your product or service
  • The Listen framework can help entrepreneurs automate the connection with their audience and build relationships.
  • Automating connections can be tricky, but it's worth it.
  • Automated tools can help you get to know people better and communicate more efficiently.


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When Duane’s not lost in a Legoland fairy tale with his 2 beloved daughters, he is likely to be found geeking out crafting relationship-based marketing funnels with the LISTEN funnel framework.

The LISTEN Framework™ is a set of tools to help you communicate with people in a genuine way. The framework will help you speak naturally by connecting with the right audience and creating an authentic connection between them and your brand. Making connections instead of selling or making a sale, will build trust and rapport over time so that potential customers feel more invested

The LISTEN Framework™ is designed specifically for all of us who don't want to spend years learning marketing skills - you can get it at your fingertips in less than 30 minutes. The best part? It's 100% free! 🤯🤯🤯


What Others Say about Duane

“Duane really knows how to CONNECT……connect you technologically……so YOU can connect with your community……so you can connect THEM to their transformation……so THEY can connect others back with YOU!”



“Duane was prompt, professional, and really took initiative on our projects. He was very ahead of the curve in helping us get our assets created and created a profitable evergreen funnel.”



“Duane and his team made many things happen without even needing my input and that was amazing to me. So often, consultants over-promise and under-deliver and Duane was the opposite.”




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It is important to understand they are not goals nor merely desires, but profound needs that underlie and motivate every choice, every belief, and every decision we make.

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