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Thinking Big Podcast

Aug 8, 2022

There's a seldom-discussed concept behind the success of every renowned athlete, famous musician, successful entrepreneur, or even business leader I know, and virtually everyone you can think of. 

No, it isn't because they have an outstanding IQ or academic record, the right family name, or good looks.

Here is the secret element - each of these people has surrounded themselves with other successful people, and they have all used the Mastermind Principle.

A mastermind group sounds like something that would be the exclusive realm of super-successful people, but it’s not. It can actually help anyone who wants to make progress in any area of life, from improving your career to growing as a person.

In fact, many people have found out they were using this tool without even realizing it! A mastermind group is simply two or more growth-minded individuals with goals and aspirations, meeting regularly to share information, ideas, and resources for mutual success.

Today we discuss the 5 things you must know for a successful mastermind

  1. What is a Mastermind group?
  2. What Benefits you will get by joining a mastermind group:
  3. How do I find a mastermind group to join?
  4. How do I start my own Mastermind Group?
  5. How do I run my own Mastermind Group?

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