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Thinking Big Podcast

Mar 26, 2021

Today I welcome my friend Stacey Hanke to the show as we dig into the importance of influence and tips for what we can do to increase our own.

Stacey is the author of two books;  Influence Redefined…Be the Leader You Were Meant to Be, Monday to Monday® and Yes You Can! Everything You Need to Know From A to Z to Influence Others To Take Action.

Her books provide practical and immediate skills and techniques that have given thousands the ability to enhance their influence.

Her client list reads like dow from Coca-Cola, FedEx, Kohl’s, McDonald’s, Pfizer, GE, General Mills, just to name a few. Stacey has been featured on Fox News and Tedx And now she chose to grace our amazing listeners.

Today we will be Think Big on how to help us to influence others to take action Monday to Monday.

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