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Thinking Big Podcast

Jan 1, 2023

Every day, we get stuck in the same habits and routines. We go through the motions, but we don’t put much thought into why we do what we do. It’s not that we don’t want to, it’s just that our brain operates in one of two states - survival or executive. The latter is where hidden powers like critical thinking, creativity, and empathy come from - yet most people spend 70% of their time in the survival state due to things like stress, anxiety, and fear. This limits our growth as individuals and blocks us from unlocking our full potential.

What causes us to stay in a survival state? Today we are talking with Dr. Eugene Choi about numerous reasons why this happens, and regardless of the cause, the important to recognize when you’re stuck in this state so you can take steps to break out of it.

When you start spending less time in the survival state and more time in an executive state, amazing things can happen. You become better equipped with tools like problem solving skills and creative thinking which allow you to reach higher levels of success both professionally and personally. In addition, being able to think critically allows us to navigate challenging situations with greater ease - making it easier for us reach our goals without getting sidetracked or overwhelmed by obstacles along the way.

My biggest takeaways from todays episode are:

  • Our brain operates either in a survival state (fear/threat) or an executive state (problem solving/decision making). Research shows that our brain is in the executive state only 30% of the time.
  • The survival state is triggered by emotions like frustration, anxiety, anger, and fear.
  • When you're in survival mode, your body is actually thinking it's about to die. This affects every part of our life - from our relationships to our health.
  • Flight response is when we procrastinate or run away from people literally or figuratively. Freeze is when you are paralyzed in fear and trauma can lead to dissociation from the current moment.
  • All feelings are just memories of past experiences and imposter syndrome might be caused by a memory of feeling like you don't matter
  • The brain is easily fooled into thinking something is real when it may not be, which can lead to confirmation bias.
  • Emotional pain can feel just as painful as physical pain, and the brain views it as a threat.
  • What if feelings are actually your mind's way of trying to help you move back towards balance?

Dr. Eugene K. Choi Pharm. D is a Transformational Mindset Coach and a board-certified clinical pharmacist that is on a mission to help talented heart-driven leaders operate at their highest levels of performance, intelligence, and communication. He firmly believes that by activating the powerful executive brain, it maximizes results not just in business leaders, but in humanity as a whole. His expertise has also resulted in him generating over 9 million views on his online articles and over 30 million views on his short films. He has also worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs to help them optimize their mindset and strategy in order to grow their businesses and generate more revenue and impact.

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Why is understanding your DRIVING FORCE so important to understand?

It is important to understand they are not goals nor merely desires, but profound needs that underlie and motivate every choice, every belief, and every decision we make.

Because they are the driving force behind any person’s behavior, understanding the needs and the vehicles used to meet them, we will have a better understanding of why life is the way it is currently and more importantly, how to facilitate change.

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