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Thinking Big Podcast

Aug 29, 2022

Our goal as married entrepreneurs should be to have a happy life AND a healthy business without killing each other. Right!

Today I welcome Robert and Kay Lee Fukui to the podcast. Robert and Kay Lee run "Power Couples by Design" teaching us how to have a better balance between business and your marriage

They have walked a mile in your shoes as a power couple.

They have created tools that allow entrepreneurial couples—like us—to thrive and prosper under any circumstances.

They host the top-rated "Power Up Your Marriage and Business" Podcast and their brand new book "Tandem" is being released this week.

Here are a few of my Marriage/Entrepreneur mistakes in this episode:

  • Treat your significant other as a 50/50 partner.
  • DO NOT do an annual performance appraisal on your significant other.
  • How having a good work/life balance is essential to real success.

Today we are Thinking Big about our relationships and our businesses with guests Robert and Kay Lee Fukui and special guest Amy Osborn.

Join in as we will discuss many of the things I did wrong along my journey being an entrepreneur

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The Tandem Book

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Why is understanding your DRIVING FORCE so important to understand?

It is important to understand they are not goals nor merely desires, but profound needs that underlie and motivate every choice, every belief, and every decision we make.

Because they are the driving force behind any person’s behavior, understanding the needs and the vehicles used to meet them, we will have a better understanding of why life is the way it is currently and more importantly, how to facilitate change.

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