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Thinking Big Podcast

Sep 25, 2020

Welcome to the Thinking Big Podcast. This episode is part of a special 14 day Think and Grow Rich Challenge.

Today we are going over the ninth step to success, the step on the power of the mastermind, the literal driving force. 

I recently hosted a live 14 days Think and Grow Rich challenge that benefited Feeding America and I thought it would be great to put the challenge right here on the podcast. 

So for 14 straight days I will be releasing a new podcast and the associated challenge that covers each of the 13 steps of Think and Grow Rich plus a bonus challenge on the introduction. It doesn’t matter if you have ever read the book or not, the challenge is designed for anyone to do.

There is a link in the show notes so you can sign up for free and get download all of the challenge worksheets and a PDF copy of the original Think and Grow Rich

Today we are thinking big on the power of the mastermind.

The 14-day Think and Grow Rich Challenge.


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Until tomorrows challenge, remember to always think big

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Episode Transcription:


Welcome to the thinking big podcast. This episode is part of a special 14 day think and grow rich challenge. And today we are going over the ninth step to success. The step on the power of the mastermind, this is literally the driving force of success. And I recently hosted a live 14 day think and grow rich challenge. And I thought it would be a fantastic idea to put it out here on the podcast so everybody could listen whenever they wanted. So for 14 days I will be releasing a new podcast and the associated challenge that covers each of the 13 steps in think and grow rich, plus a bonus challenge on the introduction. And let me tell you, it doesn't matter if you've ever read the book or not. This challenge is designed for anybody to do. There is a link in the show notes, so you can sign up for free and get all the download challenges, all the worksheets and even a free PDF copy of the original book think and grow rich. So today we are thinking big on the mastermind.


Welcome to the thinking big podcast with Sean Osborne, the show helping you think bigger into your life and potential Sean believes, but equipping you with the tools, strategies, and philosophies required to be successful in all aspects of your life. You can achieve anything you believe in empowering. Our own growth makes a deeply positive and lasting impact on our lives community and our world. Now here's Sean.


Hello everyone. And welcome to day seven of the 14 day think and grow rich challenge today. We are doing the challenge on the power of the mastermind. And I can tell you that this is one of the chapters. This is one of the things that has made the most difference in my development in my success is the mastermind. It is one of the most powerful tools that we will actually discuss within this entire thing to grow rich chap thinker grow rich, a challenge. They're all important, but this is the one that has made the biggest amount of change in my life. And Hill describes the mastermind, you know, as being defined as, you know, coordinated knowledge and effort in the spirit and harmony between two or more people for the attainment of a definite purpose. And you're hearing, especially nowadays, you're hearing a lot of people talk about masterminds and they're having a mastermind.


And there's a big difference between the mastermind that Hill's talking about. And some of the stuff that you're, that you're seeing out on the market that you're reading about, that's, it's different. So a lot of things that you're saying out there are really not what I would consider masterminds. They're more workshops or more book studies. They're more, you know, people could call this what we're doing here, a mastermind on and grow rich. But that is not what he's, what he's talking about. The mastermind he's talking about is bringing people together in a spirit of harmony that creates a third mind, a more powerful mind. And I have discovered personally that Mashburn groups have unleashed my most important efforts. My most important efforts of everything that I've done have come as a result of a mastermind you in the form of new ideas, in the form of inspiration, you know, previously unknown resources that are brought to me.


And most importantly, it's really a spiritual energy that goes beyond her own intelligence and reasoning. When you, you, to me, you do mastermind, you have mastermind groups with people in order to access the mastermind to access the mind when you bring people together. And you're in harmony, you have access to a much more powerful mind that the two of you or the three of you are having many people don't have individually and mastermind groups is one of the essential things behind every successful person that I know. And if you go to a line one 22 within this chapter, and he says, a group of brains coordinated or connected in a spirit of harmony will provide more thought energy than a single brain. Just as a group of electric batteries will provide more power than a single battery. And I think a better illustration that really is, if you look at what they call draft horses, you know, that pool, each draft horse can pull around 8,000 pounds.


So you would think that two draft horses would do 16,000 pounds. I mean, I'm not a math genius, but a plus eight to 16, but that's not the case to to draft horses can actually pull 24,000 pounds working together. And we are the same with our brains. No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind. What I call the mind, the mastermind. And I am always in masterminds. So this is one of the challenges is in the book, but I am always in masterminds. I have been for years and I'm normally in two different masterminds right now. I'm in two different masterminds and actually run a mastermind as well. But they are that important that I always have multiple masterminds that I'm in and some of them are different. So I've been in different masterminds for different things.


General masterminds are fantastic where you're a group of likeminded people, and you're just brainstorming. You're accessing, you know, all of these things that you can't access by yourself because no one person has enough experience, enough education, and the ability to accumulate anything of great success, whether it's be fortune or whether it be and whatever it is that you're wanting to do, one is not a big enough number. And there is, you know, seldom talk, you know, about this principle behind you at the six exit, the success of every winning athlete, every famous musician, every wealthy business person I've ever known or have ever studied. And I can tell you everyone, you know, no one, it's not the, you know, it's not the IQ, it's not the college GPA. It's not the right family. It's, it's not the, you know, good looks. They have surrounded themselves with other successful people.


And the concept of surrounding ourselves with, you know, successful people thinking big people is as old as man itself. It's in history. If you look at ancient Greece and you look at, you know, bled Owen, Aristotle, and Socrates, all surrounded themselves with those who would challenge their thing and expand access banned that arsenal of possibilities. And I've already mentioned in a previous previous challenge, you know, in finger Ridge Hill talks about Carnegie's secret of success. His law of success and Carnegie himself had a mastermind, you know, a group that he surrounded himself with for advice, for counsel, for personal cooperation and other businesses, they all had groups of people that they discussed with and a mastermind with. And probably one of the most famous quotes and regards to masterminding in, in a sense comes from Jim Roan. And he's famously said, you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.


And I like to dig a little deeper, and it's the five people who you are most in line with most you you're influenced by if you, if I go meet with any person, any client, and it doesn't matter. And I see who they're hanging out with, I can tell, tell them exactly where they will be in five years, unless you grow, unless you change. Unless you have masterminds with bigger people in you align yourself with more successful people. You're going to be the average of the five people that you're hanging out with and look around, look around in your life. And I can tell you if you, if you honestly look around those principles are absolutely confirmed. And I had the thoughts of my first company when I was with very successful people. My first company, you know, these people, I got onto their thought vibration by being in mass quote masterminds with these people that they're, that vibration of thought.


They really expected me to do these things. I expected more when I was within a mastermind or when I'm within masterminds of successful. And if you go to lines 56, you know, he'll says no individual may have great power without availing himself of the mastermind. Anybody you've looked at anybody you've seen that is successful has had a mastermind behind them. Henry Ford, you know, talks about it in the book. You know, he's what he had. He had three months of school, you know, he was uneducated his illiterate, but he could push the button on his desk. Any one of a, you know, hundreds of buttons. I'm not sure how many buttons he had, but he pushed a button and he could get any general knowledge that he wanted. You know, Andrew Carnegie, you know, had one per his steel business, that's it? He, wasn't a huge steel person.


What he, his mastermind helped him do that. You know, Franklin D Roosevelt had one that he called. I think he actually called it the brain trust. So this whole purpose of the mastermind challenge is to align yourself with a group of as many people as you think it's needed for the creation of carrying out your plan or plans for the accumulation of whatever success you want, whether it's money, whether it's in your career, whether it's in your relationship. But I can tell you this before forming your mastermind Alliance, you need to decide what advantages and what benefits you offer as an individual member to your group and return for your cooperation. It's like anything else in life, you know, nothing's free, nothing's free. What can you offer your mastermind in return for what you get from them and arrange to meet? And, you know, once you get your mastermind, you know, once you, you, you've got your mastermind going, arrange to meet with the members of your mastermind, as often as possible, they see as much as, you know, twice a week until you have perfectly aligned yourself with everybody within that group.


And for instance, my masterminds, we meet most of my masterminds. We meet every other week, but in between the masterminds, I have calls and talks and zooms and whatever technology we can use to communicate with the other members of the mastermind. So that even though the group only meets once every two weeks, there, there is not a week that goes by that I don't talk with at least one or two people from one of my masterminds. And you need to maintain really. He says that in the, in the book, you need to maintain perfect harmony between yourself and every member of your mastermind. And he says, if you fail to carry this out doesn't I think he says out, you know, carry this instruction, know to the letter you may expect to meet with failure. Now we're going to go through the mastermind tool in a second.


So this is the challenge for the day. You know, here, here's the actual challenge. And the goal of this is really two part one to start thinking about your mastermind and who you'd want to be in it. You know, that's got a spot where you can list people who you want to be in your mastermind based on what they bring to the table. And honestly, there's, there's two ways that you can go about doing a mastermind. You can create one yourself, or you can join someone else's mastermind. There's the two I've done them, both. I paid the two that I'm in right now. I pay for, I pay for the host of the mastermind and what, what that's buying me is their connections and aligning me with people. They're very good at doing what they do. And they align. They align the groups with other people that will all benefit each other.


So do not be afraid of going out and searching and paying for a mastermind. Again, you can start your own. You can do, you know, however you want to do your mastermind, but align yourself with more successful people. Here's the thing you don't want to be the biggest fish in the pond. You don't want to be the biggest fish in the pond, but at the same time, you cannot be such a small minnow to sharps. Cause you won't be able to benefit. Again, part of this is looking at what you can offer them. So, as an example, if I was to go into a mastermind with, you know, let's say Tony Robbins and John Maxwell and Elon Musk and all these people that have a thought vibration, that's way up here. I would be, I'm too small about fish. I would not benefit them. Like they would benefit me.


And it's almost like a high school, you know, I hit set, but you want to be with people that are within your thought or just above your thought to challenge you, to push you. You do not want to be the biggest fish. And once you're the biggest fish in your mastermind, it's time to find another mastermind. It's time to start another mastermind. It's time to go out and, and, and, and look for another mastermind to be in. And the second part of the challenges really start to sit down and figure out what you can offer as a benefit to other people in a mastermind. And I'm not talking about just technical things like, Oh, I can offer it things. You as a person, what can you offer? It's much think of what can you offer as you, not as what you do as what you are, what can you offer is what you are young, what things have you done in life?


And what challenges have you conquered? You know, what problems have you solved? What are your superpowers? You know, what are, you know, what are some of the things that, that you've done that come easy to you? You know, start thinking of those things because it's not, again, I get a lot of questions on people like, well, I can only offer this and this it's not the, it's not the technical things. I don't know how else to describe. It's not the tangible things. It's intangible things. It's the things that make you, and I'm telling you this, every single person watching this, every single person in this challenge has a ton to offer. Every single person has a ton to offer. We need to recognize that. Remember, as he'll said at the beginning, we need to recognize already in us, you have it there. So now we're going to pull this together.


We're going to start creating a mastermind. You're going to start looking at other people. You're going to start trying to develop these relationships and these groups of people that will absolutely push you and expect more of you than you do of yourself. So here's, today's challenge. It's again, it's the mastermind challenge. Do this one again, this is probably one of the, the best tools for success that, that, that I can talk to you about this. This will give you more bang for buck. You have to do all of the steps. Don't don't get me wrong. I have to go, but you will get so much out of a mastermind. So until tomorrow, thank you. Thanks everybody for stopping by at night. Thanks everyone for playing full out in this challenge. It's unbelievable seeing what people are doing in this challenge is absolutely fantastic. It's amazing. I will see everybody tomorrow night start thinking about your masterminds.